Sushi Monger – Melbourne

So I asked my friend S.  If she had to have lunch in Melbourne and it to be cheap, where would she eat.  She recommended Sushi Monger.  I looked it up online and it had a very high rating, so I decided to try it.  It is in one of the many laneways in Melbourne, but not very hard to find.  When I arrived there was a line and people were patiently waiting to trying to order.  I decided to try the typical sushi flavours and see why people come to this place.

Three pieces of sushi with miso for 6.80

IMG_4417Teriyaki Chicken
Nicely cooked used the dark meat of the chicken so not so dry. Good taste.


Salmon and avocado
Comparing NZ salmon to oz salmon or whatever salmon they use, NZ wins hands down. The salmon is not as flavoursome and not as moist. Good amount of avocado but question is. Even though it has Japanese mayo in it, is it actually meant to have it


Tempura Prawn 
Only thing in it was the tempura prawn with the rice. Nice flavour and texture and cooked just right.


Miso  Soup
Really salty.  Not enough water in the soup. No seaweed, tofu or spring onions to add to the soup


Urbanspoon Website


Overall the sushi was is nicely flavoured and presented well when eating in.  Interesting in OZ that that sell sushi in a half roll not in pieces, so you cant necessarily choose different flavours.

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