Shanghai Street Dumpling – Melbourne

One of my favourite eateries in Melbourne. I have written about this place before I think in my old blog but I decided to write about this experience. This place is still as popular and has lines outside the small eatery. Since I have been they have change the layout slightly and added a few more seats.

IMG_4411 Hot and Sour Soup

A very large bowl and has a lot of flavor. Good amount of spice and vinegar. Has heaps of ingredients of bamboo shoots, mushrooms, tofu wood ear fungus, chilies, spring onions and whipped in egg. It is the best hot and sour soup I have had.

Xiao Long Bao

They are very good. The skin is thin and have lots of juice in them. Have a great flavor and come out streaming hot. I IMG_4413always add vinegar and chili oil with mine and just gives it that extra lift.

As I said this place always has a line and very busy and mainly people come for the xiao long bao. I prefer this place that is on Little Bourke and Elizabeth St compared to the one in China town. Even though this one is smaller and the lines are liner it is far superior to their other Restaurant.

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