B3 Cafe – Melbourne

IMG_4460This is a very little sandwich shop in one of the most famous laneways in Melbourne.  It is clustered with other small eateries in Centre Place.  However, this one does not have anywhere to sit and you have to eat it somewhere else.  Most people that come here are suits looking for a cheap lunch but is a great place if you are staying in the CBD and need to buy something for lunch in the morning so you can eat it later.  For example, I always come to this place when I am going to Australian Open.

The rolls are priced between $4.50 and $6.50 and have nice fillings and are well sized. They make the bread rolls on the premise and even bake sweet goods like the good old custard pie (a small pie cost $1, which is really good).  They also have filled croissants and rice paper rolls.

I have had the Chicken Schnitzel, Brie and Bacon, and the Ham and Cheese Croissants, which are all very good for the price of $4.50. A great place in Melbourne for a cheap lunch, great ,f you feel like a roll and a way better alternative to Subway

Website; B3 Cafe

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