So I wanted to go out to dinner with my friends B and S. I wanted to go to the famous Chin Chin as I have never been. However as S has been there a few times she wanted to try this new place.  She had heard very good things about this place and wanted to give it a try. Supernormal has the same head chef as Cumulus also in Melbourne
So B and I decided we would let S decide what to eat as she is a more of a foodie than me.  We had some input but mainly we left it to S. The menu is designed from top to bottom and then left to right on the order on how your food comes out. So the dishes at the end are larger in size and the menu is mad to share.


Pacific Oysters
IMG_4428We added some lemon to the raw oysters they were so fresh and nice in flavour. Nothing else you can say about oysters.


White Cut Chicken, Cold Noodles, Sesame, Peanuts and Chili Oil
IMG_4429We ordered this without the peanuts as I have an allergy to them.  This dish was very nice with a string sesame flavour to it. The chicken was nicely cooked sliced breast meat. It was moist and nice subtle flavor. There were also nice pieces of wood ear fungus, spring onions and the chili oil was strong and gave it this really nice kick to the food.


New England Lobster Roll 
IMG_4430This was the highlight on my meal. The roll was a brioche bun and grilled on both sides. There was a good amount of lobster with mescline lettuce and mayo.  It was beautiful and just totally worked.  I could have eaten five of them but at $16, it is rather expensive.


Duck Bao
IMG_4434This twice cooked duck was really nice. I think it was rotated and then grilled or deep fried as the skin was really crispy. The duck had a nice subtle ginger taste to it and you make the bao sandwich yourself. So you get the streamed bread and you are given hoisen sauce, cucumber, and this vinegar sauce to add inside.  It was so nice with the bao was still warm and having some of the crispy skin it worked really well.


Slow Cooked Szechuan lamb with Spring Onion Pancake
This was nice but we were slightly disappointed with the dish. If we had it first and then everything else I think it would of worked better. The lamb was beautifully cooked, but as a side note Australian lamb does not compare to the New Zealand lamb. The flavor is just not there. The sauce was really nice and we ordered a bowl of rice which complimented the dish well.  The spring onions pancake was really nice and came with a coriander paste. The paste was nice and tested more of mint than coriander.


Sauteed Greens & Blackbean sauce  

This dish was so nice the wok cooked blackbean was so earthy and the peppery taste of Chinese broccoli just worked.


Apricot Kernel Custard, Elderflower, Raspberry, & Aloe Vera
IMG_4438A very nice and refreshing dessert.  It worked all so well with the sourness of the berries and the sweetness of the custard.


Overall was impressed with this place. However if was slightly over priced in my opinion, especially the lobster roll.
Website; Supernormal