I have been here a few times and decided to write a blog entry about it.  I usually come with a big group of mates, but since a lot of my mates now have kids it is rather hard to come here with them as the food is very genuine and very spicy.  What I love about this place is that do to even ask if you want it mild, medium or hot in terms of spiciness but they just cook it and serve it the way they want to serve it.


Roti chennai 
They make the roti on site and you can see it being made to order in the window.  They make different kids on roti some for your entree or some for dessert.  I decided to go with the Roti Chennai.  The Roti comes with two curries and a bit of chilli sauce on the side.The Red curry was very hot and has a good deep spice to it and also has a good dried shrimp taste to it. The Yellow curry is less spicy and more creamy, it also has cooked lentils in it. A better dipping sauce for the ones that do not like too much spice.


Mee goreng 
Hokkein noodles that were served  el dente.  I was hoping for a more egg noodle which is slightly ticker and softer. The mee goreng had nice pieces of tofu and fish cakes. Good amount od vegetables with choi sum and bean sprouts. It is also more refreshing when you add line to it, which comes on the side, it heightens the taste. Also nice to have a nice piece of tomatoe and cucumber to tame down the spice when you need it. Good amount of prawns and overall nice flavour.


As I have said i have been here numerous times.  My favourite dishes here are the Nasi Lemak with the fried chicken and the Sambal Udang (Prawn curry).  Also any of the roti dishes are really good.


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