I have been here numerous times as this is the closet decent mall to my brother’s house.  Overtime when I come here I generally go to Dumpling House.  This is very popular with the locals and the asians and also seems to be busy.  The locals generally order the pan fried dumplings, spring rolls, fried rice and the fried noodles.  While the asians generally go for the more genuine stuff.  I do not want to stereotype things, but from my observations this is what I see and if I offend anyone I apologise.

Seafood Laksa


One of the best I have tried and was very surprised. It was very creamy and slightly sweet. Had a lot of flavor and nice shrimp flavour from the dried shrimp paste . A good amount of prawns, fish cakes and fish balls however the mussels very overcooked and rubbery. Lots of noodles especially the rice noodles and not evenly split between the egg noodles. (I do prefer just the egg noodles but I notice they do not do that in Australia). Also had bok choi and bean sprouts which are nice, especially as in NZ they usually do not put in book choi.  Overall was very impressed as I love Laksa and generally always disappointed, especially as there are very limited good Laksa places to eat in Wellington.

Xiao Long Bao

IMG_4542Very nice flavour but I do wonder how much MSG is in the dumplings. Also comes freshly cooked and generally made to order.  The skin is slightly on the thicker side especially at the top. Nice juice inside and was actually very nice dip in my laksa soup.  Weird I know.

Overall I am very impressed with this place and can see why so many people come here.  I have tried their Spring Rolls, Pan Fried Dumplings, Spring Onion Cake and many other dishes and I have not really been disappointed at this place. There are other Dumpling Plus’s in Melbourne.  The one in Emporium is the one that is in the middle of the city.

Website; Dumpling House