So I have been to Huxtaburger a few times not this eatery but their original in Collingwood.  I have always liked it and thought there burgers were very good but since my last visit I have eaten numerous burgers and wanted to see how Huxtaburger still stands. Just a bit of a background. The burgers are all named after characters off the Cosby show and set up by New Zealanders living in Melbourne. Since my last visit which had been over a year they have added a burger called the Clair and have also added milkshakes to my excitement.


So I went for the  Clair not the kiddy sized one but the normal sized one. It looked very appealing and I immediately wanted to eat it but I ate my fries first which were just standard  crinkle cut fries and nothing really to write about as they are bought in. The bun was nicely grilled and the chicken was nicely cooked and very juicy but could of had more of a crunch to it.  There was a jalapeño mayo which had a nice kick to it and the coleslaw was very nice. All three separate parts of the burger they were very nice but together for me it didn’t quite work. Overall the burger was too sweet with the brioche bun and the sweetness from the coleslaw it needed more salt somewhere and less sweetness. Overall the burger is ok and when I come back I would order a beef burger.


Salted Caramel milkshake
IMG_4549Huxtaburger make their on syrups for their milkshakes. This milkshake was the best salted caramel milkshake I have ever tried. It was just so nice. However to make it better I think they should add a thick shake option. Also I feel the milkshake is actually overpriced for $8. I would have once in a while but not overtime I go there mainly due to the pice.


In summary. Although the milkshake was very nice I do not think I would order it again not because of flavor but because of price. It is expensive and your milkshake is not filled to the top of the cup. It is a real shame.  Yes the Clair was good. However I would stick to a Theo or the other beef burgers.