Decided to try the new food court in the new shopping mall Emporium in Melbourne. It has two food areas. One on the lowest floor and one on the fourth floor. I decided to try the one in the fourth floor as it had more variety and also more open.  The Foods stalls in this food court are higher quality mainly due to the overall style of the shopping centre.

I decided to try Jimmy Grants. Had heard a few things about this place as it makes a mean souvlaki.  So I decided to try the prawn souvlaki.

IMG_4407The Patris
The prawns a lightly deep fried and had big sized slices of cucumber. It also has honey, mayo and mint.  The pita bread looks like it is made by them as it has a more rustic look to it. It is grilled and comes warm and moist when you get your souvlaki. It makes a different as then the whole thing is not dry.  The mint is a very nice touch and as well is the mayo but I also suspect there is some it. The prawns are nicely cooked and works all very well together.  It is however rather small in size but I suppose that is what you get in a more high class food court.


Overall a very nice place and I heard in the rumor mill it is connected to Australian Masterchef judge George Calombaris.  I will need to go back and try the other offerings.


IMG_4557So I went back and tried the Mr Papas the lamb souvlaki with mustard aioli, chips, onions and parsley.  Overall a very nice souvlaki love the chips in it, however, they were a bit soggy and could of been a bit more crisp. The aioli and onion was very nice, the onions very sweet and more of a chutney. The lamb was nicely cooked and had some good flavor but as I have said in other posts, Australia lamb has no flavor compared to New Zealand lamb. The parsley added a nice touch to the souvlaki. I would come back again but would order the prawn souvlaki over the lamb but would also like to try the chicken and the vegetation option