I came here for a late breakfast because I could not hold out for a late lunch and I saw an old friend and they were having an early lunch and asked me to join them. I have liked this place in the past and I have always recommend this place to people when they ask me where to eat in Melbourne. Especially because it is fast and easy to get to.



This is their vegetarian option. In the souvlaki is falafel, Greek yogurt and Hellenic slaw. First thing you notice is how fresh it is. The slaw was nice,  the falafel had a good crunch to it and the bread was soft and warm. I thought it was a really great souvlaki, I just wish there was a bit more yogurt in it.

As I said I like coming here, it is is part of a great food court and great to come with people who are fussy eaters or you want a cheaper and faster option for lunch. However, just beware the food court does get busy at lunch time with suits wanting a cheaper lunch but with good variety and quality.

Previous Visits; Jan 2015

Website; Jimmy Grants

Address; Emporium Melbourne, Emporium, 330/287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne