Since I have told Sandy I was coming to Melbourne she kept telling me to try this place. Sandy is a real foodie and loves living in Melbourne and experiencing the new places to eat. To make the experience more enjoyable Sandy and Danny joined me.

Burger Project is one of the first eateries in the new St Collins Place in Melbourne. It is owned and created by Australian chef Neil Perry and his Rockpool Group. The philosophy behind the eatery is to create “the people’s burger” which of course is to create the best burger.



I was not actually that hungry after all the other eating I have been doing in Melbourne. So I just order the basic burger, but with added bacon. In the burger was a grass fed patty, onion, lettuce, pickles, tomato, their secret sauce plus bacon. After my first bite, I was very impressed with burger. The first thing you notice is how fresh everything in the burger is. The onion, lettuce, tomato all had a great crunch to them. The patty was cooked at medium and you could taste how fresh it was and how natural it was without the added seasoning. The addition of the bacon was nice but in hindsight I do just wish I went with the bacon and cheese burger. Final the secret sauce was not overpowering and balanced out everything really nicely.

House Made Ice Tea


This was a really nice refreshing ice tea. I ordered it thinking I would need it to breakdown all the grease from the burger but as there was not any it was just a nice addition and drink. Next time I would order it with less ice, so I would get more drink. Plus it would be a great drink during the hot summer.

Overall I was very impressed with this place. I also managed to try their chips as Sandy and Danny got some. I am not sure what seasoning they order but they were good. This place is so much better than 8bit and does give Melbourne’s other burger joints; Huxtaburger and Mr Burger a run for their money.

Website; Burger Project

Address; St. Collins Lane, St Collins Lane, 2.05/260 Collins St, Melbourne