This bakery had been making waves in Melbourne. Sandy told me about this place and swears by it. At times this place has huge lines of people outside the door as this place is so popular. Unfortunately this place is not in the CBD. However, it is very easy to get to. When I went it was still busy but thankfully no long lines for me

Pain au Chocolat


When I took my first bite I could not believe how crunchy, light, buttery, and flavoursome the croissant pastry was. I purposely ate a part without the chocolate and I could believe how nice it was. The croissant with the chocolate was even more unbelievable. The chocolate was melted and stuck around your mouth while I weas trying to eat it. It was just so good.

Cruffin; Lemon Curd



This is a very interesting idea, a croissant mixed with a muffin. Basically it is a croissant baked in a muffin tin with different flavours. This cruffin came with house made lemon curd, citrus sugar and candied lemon zest. First a public service announcement, you need to eat this with a plate otherwise you will lose some delectable goodness. This was an out of this world piece of patisserie. The croissant pastry is more compact and solid but still has that great taste and with the lemon curd and the citrus sugar it was beautiful.

Almond Croissant 


This is a twice cooked croissant. Firstly it is baked just as a croissant then it is baked with the almond frangipane. This is as an almond lover’s dream. It is filled with almond frangipane and topped with sliced almonds. For me it was very nice however, after a while it got the better of me and was too rich. There is also is a hint of lemon in the croissant which lifts and heightens the pastry and its flavor.

Overall this place is a great bakery and I can see why people queue to come buy their patisseries. These are the best croissants I have eaten out of France and the cruffin is such an interesting and great idea. I will be back but just do not know when.

Website; Lune Croissanterie

Address; 119 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC