I decided to come here because Momma Bear could not stop talking about this place. She had been to Melbourne a couple of times and always came here to eat. I decided to go with one of my friends that live in Melbourne as they also wanted to try it because one of their friends mentioned it as well.

Pork Xiao Long Bao


These are made fresh in front of the restaurant so people outside can see they make them fresh. They are served steaming hot and impossible to eat straight away. I always have mine with vinegar and chili oil. The skins were nice and thin, which can be problem if you don’t want the juice to come out. These tasted very nice and had a good bit of ginger in them. The juicy literally pours out on the first bite and you have to master how to eat them so the juice doesn’t pour out. So yummy.

Shanghai Pan Fried Juicy Bao


We went with the pork option. I totally forgot that there was going to be juice in them and nearly made a whole mess of myself on the first bite. The skin is thicker than the steam version and more bread based. These also tasted nice and great with vinegar and chili oil.

Overall I can see why Momma Bear is impressed with this place. Unfortunately I nor my friend were to hungry so we only ordered two dishes. I wish we could of ordered more so I could of tried what else they have to offer. I will go back I just do not know when.

Address; 178 Little Bourke St, Melbourne