I had heard of this place while I was in Wellington and then when me and Brother Bear were talking about places to eat in the CBD he mentioned this place is opposite the hotel I was stay at for a few days. Sandy also did mention it but said that it was average. I was originally going to go somewhere else for a burger but they had recently closed down due to their lease expiring.

After Burner


In the burger was their beef patty, tomato, red onion, lettuce, cheese, chili sauce, jalapenos, mustard and Chipotle mayo. The combination was good and worked well but overall I was disappointed with this burger and thought it was just average. The patty was cooked to medium rare but was very thin. There was not a lot of kick to the burger and lacked originality in the dish.



I decided to go with the potato gems (potato tots) not the fries. On the gems were; chili beef, cheese sauce, bacon, pickle relish, grilled onion, jalapenos, salsa and spring onions. This I was impressed with and had the chili kick I was looking for. They use the good old American cheese sauce and everything worked together.

Overall this place is average. It did get a lot of hype, when it first open its first eatery. However, it has expanded and I am not sure if it has done any good for the quality of its burgers. What was interesting with my experience, someone cleared my tray before I left and they asked me how the food was, I hesitantly said “it was umm ….  average” and all they did was a little chuckle and then walked away. A very awkward moment for that person. I do not think they got that reply often. I do not think I will go back. Go try one of the numerous other burger joints in Melbourne.

Website; 8bit Burger

Address; 231 Swanston St, Melbourne