I have never really been impressed with coffee in Melbourne. I lived here a few years ago and their coffees did not really match that of Wellington. However, there are a few places that are changing that and developing rotates that I feel have more depth and different flavor notes. Sandy told me to try this place so I did.

Flat White


I did not know what I was expecting from this coffee. However, I was very surprised. This coffee had a lot of depth in its flavor and had a slight caramel flavor in their bean. Also I was surprised to taste how creamy their milk was, something we do not really get in Wellington. Overall a very good Flat White.

I was surprised with Dukes and if I have time I will definitely go back. Also I would like to try one of their single origin roasts. The sweets in the cabinet looks really good with a combination of patisseries and cakes and if I lived back in Melbourne this place could be my local haunt.

Website; Dukes Coffee 

Address; 247 Flinders Ln, Melbourne