This is a recently opened premises that is now located on the top of Cuba street next to Ekim Burgers. It had a good review in the Dom Post so I decided to give it a try one day when I left work early.

Curry Laksa

IMG_4589This was a very nice curry laksa and was not as creamy as other laksas I have had. It has a good curry flavor to it from the spices but it does lack in density with the soup and has no shrimp paste. The laksa has a generous amount of fish balls, fish cake and tofu to it with a half boiled egg.  However, there are no shrimps or prawns in the soup.  It also has a very generous amount of bean sprouts but a small amount of egg noodles. If you did not know any better you would think that the bean sprouts were egg noodles.

Overall the laksa is very nice and has a good flavor. The bowl they serve it in is very modern but surprised that I was forced to eat my laksa with a fork and not chopsticks. It was quite awkward for me and slightly strange. Especially when you do not want your clothes to get stained from the soup and eat the noodles like spaghetti.


IMG_4590The roti are made on site and are very nice and fresh.  They are more flakey and have more of a savory flavor compared to the more Singapore stay roti. When it was served it was nicely presented and it looked as it was slightly on the burnt side. However, when I ate it, it was very nice and gave the roti a bit more of a lift in flavour.

Overall. A very nice place and would like to go back one day and try their mee goreng and see how they cook that dish as I always judge a Malaysian or Singaporean restaurant by the laksa, roti and mee goreng.