Flat white

IMG_4593Led street roast their own coffee and is under the brand of White Rabbit. It is a strong coffee blend and has a nice deep body to it. It is presented very nicely with a very hip designed cup. The coffee is strong with a hint of creaminess from the milk and has a good ratio of milk to coffee.  Also love the design of their espresso machine.

Salted caramel cookies

IMG_4594I have introduced a lot of my friends to these cookies. These are the best dam cookies in Wellington. The cookie is not too sweet and with the mix of salt on top just brings the intenseness down a bit and heightens the flavors.

However the real test is when you dunk your cookie into the coffee it is such a great match and so yummy.

Sourdough Loaf

IMG_4595I also got a loaf of their Sourdough bread an as I got invited to a friends BBQ so I decided to share it there with my friends.  The crust of the bread is nice and crisp and has a very rustic colour to the loaf.  You think maybe the loaf is overcooked due to the colour of the loaf but the bread inside is nicely most and not dry at all.  The sharpness of the sourdough is just nice and when you spread butter it is just a perfect match.

Website; Leed Street Bakery

6g / 15 Leed street