So I organised with a friend to go to dinner and she wanted to try Five Boroughs, as she had not been before. The place is a bit more quiet since I last went there and has settled down compared its first month of opening. So no waiting for tables. Also I had just come back form New York and wanted to see how it compared to the food I had in NYC.

The Brooklyn Burger

IMG_4636 Besides having patty it also had pristrami and other goodly stuff. The burger was so big that I had to eat like an open sandwich which was a shame as I like eating my burgers like a burger. The pastrami was over cooked and had too much flavour to the meat, but the ground meat was still pink (good thing). Good amount of mustard and tomato sauce and loved the pickle on the side. The cheese melted to the patty was very nice and as was the grilled tomato.

Overall the burger was nice but could of been better.
Hand Cut Fries with Cheesy and Gravy

The cheesy fries were good but the cheese sauce was made out of Gouda or other creamy cheese and tasted nice but nothing compared to cheese whizz they use in the USA or at Pat’s in Philadelphia. It tasted nice but the fries were a bit on the soggy side and that was not because of the cheese or gravy.

Mac and Cheese

Was a real disappointment. It was watery and had no flavour at all. The pasta needed to be cooked in salty water and the cheese sauce needed a lot more salt. Plus the bottom of the dish was really watery and nothing like the NYC Mac and cheese I had or make.

Bacon & Ice-Cream Sandwich with Maple Syrup.

IMG_4640I decided to have dessert even though I really did not feel like it but because it sounded interesting I thought I would give it a try. I thought it was going to be really big. However, it was actually a good small size. The overall sandwich was really nice and the bread was a brioche. I thought it may of been better if they grilled the bread slightly but the mix of bacon and ice cream with maple worked really well.

Overall this place has settled down and making some good meals. However, I do not think I will be taking my NYC friends to this place. I’ll let them try some good kiwi tucker somewhere else.