I come to Satay Palace on occasion usually on a Saturday if KK Malaysia is busy and I feel like Malaysian food.


IMG_4615Very flavoursome and do wonder who much MSG is in there. There is a strong fish sauce taste instead of a shrimp paste taste and has a good amount of spice. The laksa had one mussel, three fish balls and about four slices fish cake and pieces of small chicken. It was a but lacking in the extras. The noodles were nice and overall a good laksa, but not a standout laksa.

Spring rolls

IMG_4614So I also decided to order some spring rolls. They make they at the restaurant and definitely not pre-frozen. They have some shrimp in them and mostly vegetables. They are there pricy I feel for the size and amount of them. It is also served with a side of sweet chilli sauce. The go to sauce of anything Asian. Overall nice spring rolls but I never have the sweet chilli sauce.

Overall this place is alright, my one thing is that they sometimes use frozen vegetables in their dishes, which does turn me off, so I never really order the mee goreng there.