A group of us were going to a movie at Lighthouse on Cuba in Wigan St and decided to have Ekim burgers before hand for lunch.  This place has changed since it’s original inception.  First it was at Lyall Bay Surf Reef and it was very weather dependant if it was open or if it got customers.  I did go there numerous times and did enjoy eating a burger on the beach.  It then moved to the corner of Cuba and Abel Smith St last year and it has been a success ever since.  Firstly it was just it’s original caravan but now it has a full food truck with outdoor seating and even a undercover area where a DJ can showoff there skills.


IMG_4654I ordered this burger as I have always liked having hash browns in my burgers.  Also I love beetroot on my burgers, they are just such an underrated root vegetable especially outside of New Zealand.  The patty was cooked nicely and the hash brown was good but I would have liked a bit more crunch to it, with the beetroot relish and the bacon it was a very good burger.  For the price you pay it is a dam good burger.


IMG_4653There chips are more like wedges/roast potatoes.  However, they are just so good and with their homemade tomato sauce/chutney it is such a good mix.  What I did hate when it was in Lyall Bay was there was never enough sauce.  However, it looks like they have changed that and when I was taking my chips to the table I was scared that I was going to lose some, but it did not happen.  Score!
Overall this place is still good and was a very wise more for them to move to the city, even though i did prefer it at the beach.  I can see why this place is popular and there are queues for this place on a Friday and Saturday night especially when the University students are in town.  I just wonder how well it will do in the winter.