So I have been here once before a long time ago and wanted to try it again. The last time I went was on a weekend and it was rather busy with all the suits. However, as I do not have the luxury to eat in the city for lunch I went there during the weekend and it was dead quiet. So quiet I was the only one, so I wonder why they actually open in the weekend.

Curry Laksa

IMG_4686A very good laksa. It is shrimp paste based with coconut milk/cream. Has deep-fried tofu, egg balls, half an egg, chopped up prawns and shredded chicken pieces. They also have bean sprouts, which they put on top of the noodles. The soup has a very good spice base and good amount of chilli. The chicken was nice and was boiled chicken instead of pan/wok fried chicken and then added to the soup, it had a more natural less corn flour taste to it. Overall I do prefer the coconut shrimp paste laksa more than the curry paste gravy like laksa. It just so much nicer and the soup is more or a soup than a gravy.

Spring Roll
IMG_4687The inside was very moist as they use a lot of vermicelli to dense out the filing and in turn keeps the moisture . Very hard to taste the different ingredients of the vegetables and the chicken as there is a lot of gravy with different sauces. There is mine chicken, carrots, mushroom and probably lots of MSG. The skin was crispy and not oily which was a real bonus. I do like spring rolls. However, I like to taste the different ingredients and I hate the old fashion Chinese restaurant trick to add vermicelli to dense out the spring roll.

Overall I nice place. Will go back and try there other things in particular their mee goreng and char kuey teow.