Was enjoying being in town on a weekday. I was in the Lambton area and felt like lunch. I messaged “Winifred” for ideas and she suggested Long Bar.  At the same time, she got a bit of FOMO and so I decided to go with her a few days later with “Louie”.

Fried Dumplings


Someone next to me ordered this dish and it looked pretty good, so I decided to order it. Unfortunately, I did not touch it for a while after it arrived as they were very hot. However, the dumpings become oily and soggy. Honestly I am not sure they ever were crispy anyway, but they tasted nice though.

Curry Laksa


I am going to say it. This place makes the best Laksa in Wellington. I love the chilli/spice in it and I also love the shrimp paste in the soup. Overall the soup is very good. I love how the chicken inside the dish is pulled chicken, there is also a few fish balls, deep fried shallots, and had a half boiled egg. I wish there were a bit more extras though. The noodles were nice and overall a fantastic Laksa, when it comes to taste.

Roti Chanai with Gravy


They make their own roti here, which actually surprised me but was a fantastic bonus.  The Roti Chanai comes with two pieces of roti and a curry based gravy. The roti were fluffy and had a nice taste. However, they were smaller in size compared to other places. The gravy was also very nice and had a good kick and seasoning. Overall a very nice starter and a great price of $4.

Mee Goreng


This is a good mee goreng! It has a good flavour and is on the sweeter side of other mee goreng’s in Wellington. In the noodles is chicken, slices of beef, been sprouts, deep fried shallots, spring onions and also deep fried potato (which I found weird). I would of liked a bit more spice to my noodles though and I didn’t have the option to adjust it.

I can see why this place is busy for lunch. Suits just poor into this place. I have walked pass this place on a Saturday and it is always quiet and I wonder why they even open. This place is also open for dinners and I wonder how busy it gets as well. I really have to rate the Roti Chanai, Mee Goreng and the Curry Laksa.  I think the Mee Goring is in my top three with KK Malaysia and Little Penang. In regards to the Curry Laksa, I think it is the best in Wellington that I have had. I asked “Winifred” and after a long conversation it is in her top three but then later changed it to being the best in Wellington but Aunty Mena’s comes close second. We both agreed, however, that if they just added a bit more pieces of chicken and other fillings it would definite be the best in Wellington.

Overall I really like this place and I wish I could visit it more often. The one disappointment is that the servings are not as big as other places but the food is very good. You do not necessarily come here for customer service. However, that is fine for me.

Previous Visits; Mar 2015

Address; 22 Brandon St, Wellington