Buttercup asked me if I wanted to go to the War Memorial and watch the light show. Before we decided to go watch the lights, she decided we should go for a cheap eat. While I was driving, I asked her to look at the Entertainment book, and then I suggested to go to Heaven as they were in the book.

Four Cheese

I decided to go for a large pizza but with two different flavours, one on each side. The Four Cheese had Haloumi, Mozzarella, Camembert and one other, which I think was parmesan. Overall the pizza was nice.  The base was thin and crisp at the edges and nicely cooked around the whole pizza.  The topping combination was nice, I really liked the Haloumi on the pizza.  I usually put chilli oil on my pizza and that would of made a nice enhancement, but I did not put any on for some strange reason.


Decided to try a more traditional flavour besides a Margarita on the other side of my pizza. On that half of the pizza was of course pepperoni and mozzarella. It was a good flavour and the pepperoni they used was not over powering or too salty, which was good, but I wish they did add a few more slices.


Overall the pizza was nice.  A very good base and a good amount of tomato on the base, which complimented the toppings. One down side was my pizza was not cut properly and it was hard to get a slice to eat, so I had to get a knife. Overall the service was good and the pizza came in good time. Would I come again, well… maybe, but I would go to Scopa or Fratellis first before coming hear again.

Website; Heaven Woodfire Pizza

Address; 247 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington