Since I am on break I wanted to catch up with some old workmates.  One of my friends told me I was an opinionated eater, so I had to decide where to go.  I wanted somewhere that had easy access and had parking, so decided to go back to Seashore for a weekday lunch.

Cheese Burger


Firstly I was surprised to see how flat the bun was and how wide it was compared to the patty.  I didn’t even attempt to eat it with my hands. The great thing about the burger is you can see what is in it.  It was really a typical cheese burger except that there was lettuce and tomato. Overall it tasted like a cheese burger, nothing really special about it and nothing to want me to order it again.  The chips were hand cut, crisp and very nice.

Flat White


They roast their own beans here, which I was very surprised to see the first time I came here.  Their brand of coffee is “Good Fortune”.  I was surprised to see no leaf design or white from the milk when it arrived.  However, when I tasted it, I was very surprised how strong and how much of a punch the coffee had.  I actually liked it a lot.

As I said last time, this place is good.  I actually think they do a better weekend breakfast menu compared to their lunch menu. Service was good and the patio was open today, with a great view of the harbour.

Previous Visit; March 2016

Facebook; Seashore Cabaret

Address; 160 The Esplanade, Petone