Was in Petone and decided to go to Zany Zeus and give it a try.  Zany Zeus are the makers of Zorganics and make a lot of organic cultured products, from cheese, yogurt, ice-cream and milk. They also have a cafe on site, which of course where a lot of their products are used and you can also by their other products.

Halloumi Sandwich


This arrived in a double layered paper bag, where the roll was nicely warmed and the halloumi was freshly pan fried. It had a good amount of grounded salt inside and a good squirt of lemon. Overall the roll was very nice and nicely seasoned.

Chocolate Brownie with Cream Cheese


This was not as sweet as I thought it would be, but was fluffier than I expected from a brownie.  I had some cream also with some of my brownie and worked quite well. Overall not bad.

Caramel Thickshake


I was very surprised to see that they Thickshakes. As soon as I saw they made it, I had to have one, as thickshakes are my foodie weakness. I was very impressed with their thickshake. It was slightly sweeter than I am use to. However, it was at a very good consistency and tasted very nice.  I would have to say it is one of the best thickshakes in Wellington.

I was very impressed with this place. The food is well priced and tastes good. There is a lot of different cakes you can try and other savoury dishes that have their products in them. Most of their savoury food is in a cabinet and presumed heated up in a microwave or in a sandwich press. They also have different varieties of ice-cream and soft serve you can try and that will be the main reason why I go back. To try their ice-cream and other sweet goodness.

Website; Zany Zeus

Address; 149 Randwick Rd, Moera, Lower Hutt