IMG_4667Went here last weekend with some work mates as they had talked about it a few weeks ago. I also secretly went the previous weekend, just to try it out. So here is a take away review and I sit down eat there review in one. This place even though I have heard about it is not that easily to find, especially if you do not live in the Eastern suburbs. It is a very nice place with a lot of character and I think I will be going there quite often in the future. It has great seating outside on the street or at the back in a undercover courtyard.


IMG_4694A great lasagna. Be aware it is cold and in the cabinet. So when you order it they will heat it up if you eat it there. I am always suspicious because I am not really a fan of heating food in the microwave especially when you are at a cafe. However, it is now standard practice. The Lasagna is really nice. It has the standard beef or pork mince, and they add in spinach and other vegetables and has a very nice strong basil flavour. Ultimately it has a really nice thick cheese top. The only down side is the pasta is slightly too thick.


Wow this is a good Friand! Not too sweet and has a good amount of berries. Very nice almond comes through with the fruit and not over cooked, which is fantastic.

Breakfast Burrito; Takeaway

IMG_4666Even though I had this cold and takeaway. This was unbelievable. The egg was cooked like a scrambled egg but not scrambled and was cooked lovely and creamy. The bacon has very nicely cooked and not overpowering. The cheeses was cut to the right thickness, any thicker it would of been like eating butter but that is because I had it cold. The sauce is tomato based with bits of corn and beans. This works really well and is the best breakfast burrito I have had.
Flat white – eat in & takeaway

Was one of the best supreme bean flat whites I have had in a while. I do like supreme beans. However it has been difficult to find a good place that makes a good supreme coffee that is not too milky.
The great thing about Gypsy Kitchen is a deli and has a lot of things you can buy that they produce and take home. They make their own sauces, which I have been told are great and they also have pre-made lasagna that you can take home and heat up later for dinner. Overall very impressed and will be going back very soon.