One of my top places to visit, but have not been here for a long while.  I usually go for dinner, but have not been here for a long time for Brunch.  This place serves great food and has good baked sweets that are made on premises during the day but not in the evening.  I went here with a group of mates as we were celebrating a birthday as a couple of friends have not been here before.

Polo Big Breakfast

This is a big breakfast and suits the name it has been given compared to other eateries I have been to where I order a big breakfast.  Polo are very generous with their servings and you can tell the staff care about the food they produce.  The big breakfast comes with two slices of free-range bacon, two large grilled mushrooms, a pork sausage, two poached eggs, two slices of sourdough toast, in house made hash brown and some tomato chutney.  Everything on this plate is great.  The pork sausage is of standard size not the standard continental breakfast size and is very flavoursome.  The mushrooms are cooked very nicely and as to were the poached eggs.  The tomato chutney is also very nice and is a very good side condiment for the breakfast.  However, the best thing in the Big Breakfast (and I will order one of these as a side if I order something else) is their hash brown. It is crispy, thick and well seasoned.  I would say this is the best hash brown in Wellington.


Jam Donut

I just could not go past something sweet after eating my breakfast.  I knew as a group were going to be here a long time, so I was not worried about ordering one after we had breakfast.  Actually I saw it when I first walked in and the owner asked if I wanted him to put one aside for me, I politely declined.  I digress, the jam donut was nicely baked and was not dry.  I do worry sometimes as places do overcook donuts.  The donut was a bit difficult to eat with just a fork, but who cares.  It was nice and not too sweet.


Flat White

They make a good coffee.  However, the brand of bean they use is disappointing.  Not many cafes in Wellington use L’affare beans and I think there is a reason.  The coffee had a very bitter taste to it and not as well rounded compared to other beans you can get.


Overall Cafe Polo is great and the servings are of very good size.  The staff are very nice and very onto it. The shame about this place is that it is not open on Sundays (generally the day that I go out and eat brunch and I go to Larder instead, which is not as good, but a good local as Maranui gets too busy).  I highly recommend this place even if you go in and just get some of their baked goods.

Update; Cafe Polo is now open on Sundays.