A Grab One deal appeared for this place in my inbox this morning.  I had seen this eatery a few times, but never tried it.  I looked at the deal and I thought it was worth it so I purchased one.  The staff were very nice and has a nice decor to it.  They have many different things to choose from, Chilean Sandwiches, Chilean Hot dogs and Empanadas. I decided to go for an Empanada.

Carne – Empanada

I was a bit weary as the empanadas were cold in cabinet and I saw a microwave.  Who really wants a microwave empanada as I tried a fresh one when I was in NYC, but i decided to try one anyway.   As I made my order, I noticed they heated it up in the microwave and then put it in a oven to crisp it up, to my relief.  The empanada came with a little (I mean little) bit of salsa, which consisted on tomato, corn, onion and coriander. Was very hard to taste as it was such a small amount.  The Empanada on the other hand was very nice.  The pastry of the empanada was nice and crisp and had a nice consistency. The filling of slow cooked beef, beans and cheese was very flavoursome and if you ate it without pastry the filling was a bit salty.  However, with the pastry it was very nice.


Freshly Squeezed Juice – Orange and Apple

They have a juicer on site and it is very nice to have a freshly squeezed juice as it came with my deal.


Overall I will go back to this place, only problem for me is it is only open during the day and on weekdays only.  Will be very tempted to try their other empanada flavours and also their sandwiches.  I highly recommend this place and happy to support a small business.  Smart move offering a Grab one deal.

Facebook Page; Puro Chile