Some old Uni friends wanted to catch up and one of them decided we go to Burger Liquor so off we went.  (even though the last time I went, I was not very impressed) (click here for my first experience here).  However, it was ranked as one of the best burger joints in NZ by BuzzFeed (but who really believes everything in BuzzFeed). So I went with no opinion to give it another try.  As a side note, my photos are pretty bad due to the lightening.  I didn’t want to turn my flash on because then everyone knows you are taking foodporn.


So as I did not have a flash experience last time, I decided to go for the “Standard” burger.  The burger had, ground beef cooked medium-rare, cheddar, pickle, house ketchup, and bourbon mayo.  Overall was not a bad burger.  The bun is made by Pandoro Bakery.  The size, I feel is a bit small, but adequate so it makes you order sides.  The beef was nicely cooked and had a good pink colour to it.  The sauces were nice and as was the burger.  Overall a good standard burger.  Nothing flash, but good.


Jalapeno Poppers

This were really nice with a good side serve of sour cream.  They were crisp and had a right amount of cheese.  You get five of them in a serving (the photo only has three as I forgot to take a photo and was really hungry.  LOL)  They were not oily and the cheese not overpowering.



Edamame at a burger joint, I was confused.  However, we decided to order them.  They were nice and warm with a good amount of salt on them.  They also came with miso dressing.  First time I had one with the miso dressing I was not overly impressed as I was a bit too heavy handed.  I then put less on and it started to grow on me.

Crinkle Cut Fries

Nice fries and not over cooked and a nice malt vinegar mayo.  Nothing exciting about these fries just your standard factory bought fries.

I wouldn’t justify putting this place on my top burger joints.  I think Ekim, Laundry and Duke Carvell’s do better burgers.  Also just like my hash brown rant, if you want to be one of the best eateries in Wellington should you be buying outsourced fries/chips or should you be making your own?  Also I am very glad they got rid of that Duck breast burger from their menu.  Overall this place is good can do better and feel they could get customers spending more money if they worked on their desert menu.