Finally got around to try Pravda.  It has been in Wellington for over tens years and I always kept meaning to go but was never really on that side of town.  The only reason we went was because we tried Crab Shack first, but because they had a sitting of 30 people they couldn’t take us for over an hour, so V and I decided we would try Pravda. I did feel slightly uncomfortable there as only people there were in smart casual and I rocked on in jeans and a sports jacket.


So we had a smoked tarakihi chowder for our pre-dinner.  Was very nice and creamy but not too creamy and the smoked tarakihi looked liked it was added into the cup before the chowder was put in so it still had a very nice texture to it and the smoked flavours were there as well.  I would of ordered I whole bowl If I could.  It came served in a little coffee cup.


A spicy chorizo ravioli with Sicilian tomatoes.  It was very nice and the pasta was hand-made, with a thin skin and not overcooked.   The filling was very nice and had a good spice to it and went really nicely with the clean tomato sauce and Parmesan.  I would of appreciated slightly more sauce.  It wasn’t dry but I wanted slightly more of a tomato flavour to the dish.


Hand Cut Fries

This was a cheeky order, but V said they were very nice and she wanted some as well.  They were beautifully cooked and had some nice crispness to them.  They came with some Parmesan on top.  We also ordered them with truffle oil and truffle mascarpone.  This sauce was unbelievable and was so nice. However, I think I may of had too much of the sauce on my fries, as it is very rich.



So I decided to try the brulee.  It was a deconstructed brulee with coconut and lime filling.  It was very nice but I did feel the lime was slightly over-powering for the coconut.  It was weird having a deconstructed brulee as I wondered how they would do the top of the brulee.  Instead it was a toffee with cashew nuts mixed in.    It was nice but a bit too sweet for the brulee.  Also on the plate was crushed biscuit or biscotti and a piece of shortbread.  Overall the dessert was nice but not sure if I would order it again.


Also while we were there, I mentioned to V if the scones were as good as everyone said they were.  She said yes, so I did a cheeky drive by the next morning to try them.  The scones are actually very nice.  They have a very nice amount of cheese to them and when you cut the scone (as it was warm) I saw some of the cheese string off.  The top was very crisp and crunched when you ate into it.  I ordered takeaway and I got two small butters, which was I thought was very nice and the butter I got was at room temperature so when I put it on my scone it was not difficult to butter.  The only problem was there was no knife, which was a bit of a problem.


Overall a very nice dinner at Pravda.  Very good service and the food came very fast.  Very nice atmosphere and food was very good.  I do wonder what the Larder fries would be like with the truffle oil and truffle mascarpone sauce though.

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