Havana Coffee is my go to roaster.  I visit the friendly staff everyday before work to get my Flat White, but in the weekend or when I am holiday I use my Chemex, which I just love.  It is a recent purchase and I have just bought a hand grinder to get me a more concise brew.

Kenya Kyuu Premium

One of the great staff in the Cafe part of Havana was talking about this Blend that their Roaster had made.  It was a Kenyan Kyuu Bean, which is a Grade 1 bean, that they were only making a small batch of and slow roasting it in their small portable roaster.  They roast the bean for a shorter time, so the beans are a lot less darker in appearance.


I brewed the coffee a couple of times before I really noticed the flavours involved.  I originally tried 7 grams to 100grams of water, and found that it was just not right, so I then tried 8 grams of coffee and it was just tasted too dark.  I eventually tried 6 grams to 100 grams of hot water and I found the perfect match.  The coffee is very light, just like the colour of the bean and it has very light notes to it.  It tastes like summer fruits, but more of the tart taste variety but rather smooth.

I did manage to also get the tasting notes. The bean is from Makueni Province, 80 km south east from Nairobi and the bean is fully washed and sundried. Havana has put the tasting notes to ripe black current, snappy, juicy cranberries with caramel.  For me, I am not sure I agree with the tasting notes 100%, I am not sure I can say I can taste the caramel.


Website; Havana Coffee