Quite a few people talk about this place and as I felt like more than your typical fish’n’chips, I decided to try this place.  It has a nice decor and looks like more of a flash deli than your typical NZ fish’n’chip shop.  I suppose that is what you call Seatoun.

Crumbed Warehou Fish

Very fresh piece of fish that was nicely crumbed and had a nice crisp outer skin. The piece of fish was thick and was nicely cooked and moist inside. It had nice taste and the oil tasted fresh.

Thick Cut Chips

Were very crisp and well seasoned.  I think they power boil their chips first as the inside of the chip is soft and fluffy and they use a yellow variety of potato.  Overall nicely seasoned and crisp.


Bacon Burger

A very nice burger.  It had very nice coleslaw with red cabbage. The bacon is very nice and crisp also there is grilled onions in the burger.  The bun was grilled on the inside and the outside of the top part of the bun.  The meat patty, I do not think they make themselves. However it is very tasty and is very nice to eat. It was not overcooked and not too dense which was nice.


Battered Sausage

I got this free while I was waiting, which was a bonus.  Apparently they cooked an order twice to my benefit.  It was nicely cooked and the outer skin was not over cooked. However, it was just a typical sausage and was alright.

Overall I was impressed with this place.  Nice to see a more upmarket fish’n’chip shop.  However, I still like my traditional fish’n’chips as well.

Website; Huckle & Co