After walking Mt Kaukau with my friend P, we decided that we needed some lunch, so I suggested Automat.  Some of my colleagues at work went there for their Christmas Party last year, so I thought i would give it a try. The decor is very nice inside and is very relaxed setting.  The corridor just outside the toilets is cool with some friendly guest graffiti on it.

Beef, Bacon, & Cheese Burger / Beef, Mushroom, Blue Cheese Burger

I liked the combination of both beef burgers and as I am not the biggest fan of mushrooms. I asked if could get a Beef burger, with bacon and blue cheese and they said sure that is fine.  The burger arrived and looked really nice with shoe string fries and tomato sauce.  The burger bun was grilled and there was a very good amount of blue cheese and good to see a big leaf of lettuce in the burger.  The fries were nicely cooked and well seasoned.  The burger was a bit too difficult to eat with my hands so I had to use some cutlery.  The bun looks like it is made either at their premise or at a small bakery.  It had a nice taste, but would of liked a bit more density to the bread, as it was a bit to airy in texture for me.  The patty was very dense and a bit too over cooked for my liking.  However, the bacon was good and the mix with blue cheese was yum.  Also below the burger was some tomato relish and made the overall burger nice to eat.


I don’t know when I would get the opportunity to go eat here again as it is slightly out of my way, except if i have to stay at work and need some where nice to eat for dinner.  An interesting point is they have a recommended sticker from Trip Advisor I just wonder how they got the sticker as it is so out of town for a tourist to eat here.

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