Now Closed

Had not been here for a while and since my father is back in the city. He wanted to go back as it is one of his favourite restaurants. I am slightly surprised this restaurant is still in existence as it has been here for a while and even though it has a steady patronage whenever I drive past it is not overly busy. However, all the review sites rate this place very highly.

Roti with lemon butter

This is a good starter. They serve roti bread which is warmed and crisped up and serve it with this lemon butter. It is just so good and could actually just eat this for dinner.

IMG_5254 IMG_5255

Chicken Livers

This is a one of my favourite dishes from here and has actually never been removed from their menu. The chicken livers are nicely cooked with some cream, port and some bacon sauce. Underneath the livers a crisp noodles and also comes with a side of mesclun leaves with some light dressing. The livers and noodles with the sauce is just beautiful and if you have left over roti and no lemon butter left it is great to dip the roti with the left over sauce.


Pure South Scotch Fillet

I feel that this is a slightly dated dish. Yes I understand that you usually always have a steak or prime beef on your menu. However, then why do they serve this dish that feels like it comes from the 90’s. Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice dish, but a steak with brandy and bacon sauce with wedges, onion rings and a side salad of mesclun. The steak was nicely cooked and the sauce was nice, onion rings were great, the wedges were served really hot with some seasoning besides salt. The only thing that kind of makes it modern is the salad and weirdly onion rings have made a come back.


Overall this is a nice place and the menu really has not changed when Two Souls opened after their old premise moved from Evans bay when it was Eden. The staff are nice but as I said the menu is rather dated. It serves nice food with nice flavours but just needs an update.

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