Sunday morning and my friend and I decided to try Franco’s in Seatoun.  The owners of this eatery were the old owners of Zicos in Courtenay Place.  There are quite a few cakes and muffins on the counter which was good and as it was a sunny winter’s day and not rather cold so we decided to sit in the courtyard at the back, which was very nice.

Handmade Pumpkin Ravioli

This was served with a four cheese sauce.  The pumpkin ravioli was nicely made with a thin pasta skin and beautifully cooked. The pumpkin filling was naturally sweet and the four cheese sauce was not over powering or rich with the ravioli.  A beautiful dish.


Gusto Ciocolato

On the chalk board outside they claim to serve the best Hot Chocolate in Wellington.  The drink was not as sweet as others but not as thick in texture compared to Scopa’s Hot Chocolate.  It has a nice chocolate and creamy flavour but I have to say Scopa and the Wellington Chocolate Factory serve a nicer Hot Chocolate.


Overall this place is very nice and can see why quite a few Seatoun people come here to eat.  It has a friendly family feel and nice servers. My friend had the schnitzel with chips and it looked very nice and not overcooked.  As an interesting side note their website does not advertise their Pizzas or Pastas but their other dishes.

Website; Franco’s Trattoria