I was going to a dinner party so I decided to buy some of their chocolate to share after dinner.  Also I wanted to see if i could taste the difference between the different blocks and see if i could taste the notes that Wellington Chocolate Factory use to identify the different types.  I bought out big block and three small blocks just to save a bit of money as these chocolate are not that cheap.

Coconut Milk Chocolate 52%

As this had the least amount of coco, we decided to try this one first. It was interesting as there is gritty texture to the chocolate and not as smooth as you expect it to be. However tastes like coconut cream towards the end and makes it rather creamy at the end.

Dominican Republic 70%

When I tasted this one it had a sharp citrus lemon/orange flavour with is quite strong but favourable. It hits quite suddenly after chewing on it for a bit.  I read the notes afterwards and discovered that they say their is marmalade and citrus notes to the chocolate, which I entirely agree.


Peru Noradino 70%

The flavour hits sooner than the other chocolates we had and is sharper in profile with summer berries and fruit.  Surprisingly the taste notes say there is apricots and honey.


Samoan Bar 77%

A lot darker in taste compare to the other flavours we tried. It has a more of a nutty flavour at the beginning and then towards the end it becomes a more rounded flavour.  Initially not my favourite flavour because of the nuttiness and that I am allergic to peanuts.  However, in the notes they say there is a note of malt and I could taste that at the end and rounds of the chocolate nicely.IMG_5247

Salted Brittle Caramel 70%.

I have also tried their most popular flavour in the past and through why not write it here as well.  I actually got given the limited edition Easter Egg version of it.     It is very nice and very different as the Salted Brittle Caramel is served with a Dark Chocolate.


Overall this was a fun activity to do with my friends at the dinner table and seeing what we could taste.  Some of them cheated by reading the flavour notes firsts, but was laughter all round hearing what people said.   I did prefer the Peru blend the most.  Also I am going to do a review of their Hot Chocolates they serve there.

Website; Wellington Chocolate Factory