Wellington Chocolate Factory – Wellington

I love the Wellington Chocolate factory and I like their Hot Chocolates.  However, I never remember what I tried so I decided to write a post and then I will remember which one I liked better.


Peru Norandino – Hot Chocolate

A very nice milky but easy to drink Hot Chocolate and a great alternative to coffee. Does not really taste like chocolate but is very fruity in taste and smooth. More of summer fruits with a bit of bitterness from the dark chocolate. However, when I was towards the bottom of my Hot Chocolate I noticed it had not been mixed properly, but was still very nice.  Also in their tasting notes, they say it has hints of Honey and apricots, which I can identify.

Salted Caramel – Hot Chocolate

A very nice drink.  However, did become too sweet and rich for me half way through.  It has the nice hint of chocolate and the Salted Caramel comes through but does over power the drink after a while.

This is a cool place to go on a cold wet day and you want a warm Hot Chocolate.  It is not the typical Hot Chocolate that you get at a cafe and is more boutique or specialised. The staff are nice and very knowledgeable and the place has a nice open feel to it.

Website; Wellington Chocolate Factory

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