I saw this place advertised on Grabone and since I work in Newlands and this place is in the Johnsonville Mall, I thought why not grab it and try it out.  This place has been here for six months and even though I hardly ever go to the mall, it is great to see the mall is starting to diversify with its food offerings.

Summer Roll – Nem Cuon

The Rice paper roll had Shrimp and thinly sliced pieces of pork. It was a very think roll and had heaps of carrot, vermicelli and some mint.  Very Nice


Vietnamese Coffee – Ca Phe Viet

Nice and strong with nice caramel flavour from the sweetened milk.  Very easy to drink, I love Vietnamese Coffee, kind of a guilty pleasure.

Grilled Pork Roll – Bahn Mi Thit Ngong

A big roll, but not a lot in it. Roast pork was nice and as too was the pickle carrot and parsnip. The pate was nice in flavour.  However, there was no cucumber, no fresh chilli or other green stuff.  The roll was slightly over baked.  Had a good flavour but missed some of the items that I expect in a Bahn Mi.


Overall I was disappointed with the Bahn Mi, i will go back and try some other things. The staff are Vietnamese and the other food that came out looked nice.

Website; Pho Bac