So I was over work and had to work through lunch and had no break since I arrived at 7.30am and since I had no afternoon classes I decided to leave at 2.10. Also was starving and wanted to get something to eat, so i decided to try Mee Kong, as for some strange reason I knew they were open the whole afternoon. It has been there for ages and I remember going there when I was a kid, when my parents took me.

Spring Rolls; Deep Fried
Nice but the skin was still a bit chewy and ot fried long enough. Carrots, vermercelli, and a bit of port mince inside. Did not try sauce as forgot to say no peanuts, so had with hoisin sauce.  Surprisingly this place had chilli oil on the table so I went with that instead of the chilli sauce.


Pho; Combination.
Very nice! The thinly sliced rare beef was very nice. The soup had some nice flavours to it and it did not have a lot of MSG. The beef balls were also good. Good amount of rice noodles and good amount of onion. On the side plate there were lots of bean sprouts, coriander instead of mint and no lemon or fresh chilli.  So I added in some chilli oil and also put in some hoisin sauce which I feel enhanced the dish.

Overall I feel this place is underrated. It is in a slightly weird place in Wellington, but has good food (from what I ate).  It is owned by Vietnamese people which is always a bonus.  Also I am very impressed with their website, it is not tacky, is very easy to view with a good simple layout.

Website; Mee Kong