The biggest question comes to mind, which is why did I come here.  It is still a question I ask myself once I have finished eating there.  The main reason is I saw a review a few weeks ago in the Dominion Post and it was a relatively good review so I thought I would try it again.  Also because Satay Kajang are one of the main Roti produces in Wellington and make a lot of the roti for other Wellington eateries. Another reason is I have decided to try and find the best Laksa in Wellington.

Curry Laksa

The Curry Laksa was alright. Was more of a spice bass and not much coconut milk/cream that I could taste.  Also I could not taste any shrimp paste. Not a lot of extras, a few shreds of chicken, some deep fried tofu, rubbery fish cakes, thinly sliced crab sticks and fish balls. There was quite a bit of bean sprouts, soup, noodles and half a half boiled egg. Overall the laksa was nothing to write home about, I think I have had better in a food court.  Was average!IMG_5228

Plain Roti
They make it on the premise and supply to a lot of Wellington eateries as I have said before. It was nice and crunchy with a bit of fussiness to it. Was sweet and had a bit of salt to it as well to give an extra taste.  Can see why other eateries buy their roti’s to sell.


Would i go back, I think not.  This place is busy at night and filled with Uni students and I can see why.  It is cheap and it is BYO.  A Uni student’s dream.  The place has just had a refurbishment to modernise the interior it looks nice but it is cold and echoes a lot. It is a weird place to sit as there is no music in the background and the place is just so solemn.  Finally the service was rather funny.  The girl/waitress served my roti and it fell off my plate.  She obviously saw it and said nothing.  I just left it,  as there was no way I was going to pick it up off the table and eat it.  Funny times!