My Father is back in town for a bit and wanted to go try somewhere for dinner.  I had a busy week at work and did not really want to travel back into the city so I decided to back to Cafe Polo.  He had never been before and I thought why not go to a good place to eat.

So we ordered the Platter to share.  Still good as always and a great way for my father to try some of the smaller offerings at cafe Polo.  The white dip and the homemade flat bread are still my favourite.

Crisp Pork Belly

I decided to try the pork belly that also had apple & parsnip remoulade, quince, roast shoulder croquette.  It was very good.  The pork was cooked nicely and the skin was crispy, but could of been slightly more crispy.  The apple and parsnip remoulade mixed very well with the pork and was nice to see some gravy on the dish as well.  There roast shoulder croquette was unbelievable and they should put that on their entree menu and there was also a little bit of a slaw, which complimented everything very nicely.


As always this place is great and have have written two other reviews for this place.  1st time. 2nd time. The service is great, the food is great and if you ever want to go somewhere that is warm and away from the city this is the place to go.