So I have heard this is a good place for laksa so I decided to try it. When I walked passed when I used to live in Melbourne it was always busy but never tried it out. Which I now know was a mistake.  It was always filled with asian uni students, which is always a good sign for good food.

Fried Chicken; Hot and Spicy

This looked promising and they title it as highly addictive. When it arrived it looked quite red. I took a bite and it was not as spicy hot as I thought it would be and it was more on the cold side of warm. It tasted nice and the side of sweet chilli was good.  It had a lot of potential and I can see it as being very addictive if they just served it hotter.


Hainanese Chicken Rice

I thought this was going to be good and it was alright. The chicken was beautifully cooked and nice and moist. The rice was very nice and you could taste the garlic in it. The chilli sauce which I was expecting a lot from was alright and not very hot which was shame. The soup was cold and the soya sauce boiled egg was nice. It would of been a lot better if they just swerved the chicken warmer and the sauce and rice hotter with more kick in the chilli sauce.


House Laksa

Had lots of extras in the dish. Had fish cakes and looked more like an omelette and it cut into thin slices, deep fried tofu, succulent pieces of chicken, sambas chilli, half a hard boiled egg and some bean sprouts. The laksa had a mix of noodles the thin rice noodles and thick egg noddles. When I took my first taste I was amazed. It was really nice and had a very good kick to it. It was a paste based laksa and was rich on coconut cream and prawn paste. Also had some nice curry leaves in it.  However, again it was not that hot in temperature which was a disappointment.


This place has a lot of potential and maybe I just went on the wrong nights (as I went over two nights).  The Laksa was great and I really enjoyed it, but overall with all my dishes they would have hugely benefited if they were served hot temperature wise.  Would I go back, yes, unless I found somewhere else in Melbourne that made a good Laksa.  Also I would go again just to try the other dishes.