Wonder Bao – Melbourne

IMG_5076This is the second time I have been to Wonder Bao and I thought I would give it a try again.  They are a little shop in a building that is associated with a University.  It is very popular with the locals and a bit of a hidden gem in Melbourne.

Fried Chicken gua bao

This is a special that they are making, I suppose for a limited time.  I was rather excited to try it.  The batter of the fried chicken was very crispy and was more tempura based than your typical batter.  The chicken was very succulent and had a lot of flavour to it.  It also had some slaw to it that matched  the chicken perfectly with some kind of mayo on top as well.  The bao skin was perfectly cooked and very silky and fresh.

Taro Bao

Only recently I have really liked taro in a big way.  It is such a nice root vegetable that is very versatile and used quite a bit in Chinese desserts.  The taro bao is really nice.  It has a subtle flavour and not too sweet.  Again the skin of the boa was nicely cooked.


As I said this place is a little gem and very busy with the suits and students.  Apparently the pork belly is always hard to get as it always sells out.  A great little place if you want a twist of Chinese food that is modern and popular by locals

Website; Wonder Bao Kitchen

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