This was another eatery that was on the list that had good Bahn Mi in Melbourne CBD.  This place is in a small mall in the CBD that is filled with all asian businesses.  It is a small business but looks like it is privately owned by some vietnamese compared to Ba’get.  It has a very genuine asian feel to it compared to euro-asian to it.  ROBrolls has some great flavours and great names to their food like; Jurassic Pork, Quack me up and Chick-a-dee. It also has combos deals and I decided to have the Lunch COMBO 1

Duck rice paper roll

Very nice flavour and a good size. The rice paper though had become tough and chewy quite hard to eat but the duck was nice with a good amount of mint, carrot and cucumber.  Also came with some hoisin sauce to dip the rice roll in.


Totally roasted

Wow having duck and roast pork in a bahn mi is unbelievable. Such great flavours. One of the downsides was there was not enough crackling. Nice pickled carrot with spring onion, mint, and cucumber. Very generous with their meat and vegetables. Roll was very nice crisp and fresh.


Vietnamese ice coffee

Very nice and strong. Likes Wellington coffee but with sweetened milk and ice.


Overall I was very impressed with this place, yes the prices are not the same from a traditional vietnamese bakery.  However, I do not think you get the flavours and meat available from a traditional vietnamese bakery.  I will certainly go back when I go back to Melbourne, there are some many different rolls I would like to try.  Compared to Ba’get I will definitely come back.

Website; Fobrolls