Ba’get – Melbourne

So I felt like a bahn mi when I was in Melbourne as the ones you buy in Wellington are just not the same. So I did a Google search for “bahn mi Melbourne” and I got an urban spoon site and it said ba’get. When I walked in, I discovered it was more a chain than a privately owned company.  The eatery did not have vietnamese or asian servers, so I was slightly apprehensive.

Classic Bahn mi

So I just ordered a classic bahn mi.  First bite was awesome. Really crisp bread and a lot of chilli. So much chilli I got the hiccups. Good amount of pickled, carrot, cucumber, mint and spring onion but if I decided to have one in Richmond I would of got more filling. The server asked if I wanted salt and pepper I replied yes and I think it made my roll a lot more salty which is a real shame. Good amount of pate though.


So the Bahn mi was good except for the salted and pepper.  Would I go back to Ba’get, not sure.  As i said this place looks more like a franchise and i am not sure if I am ready to get a bahn mi from a franchise.  Also they were not the typical price of a bahn mi you can buy from a more genuine vietnamese bakery.

Website; Ba’get

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