Now Closed

I am still on my quest for the best Curry Laksa in Wellington and as I felt hungry around 3, I decided to go to the Capital Market in Willis Street.  I knew there must be a place that serves Curry Laksa so I went for a wander and discovered Satay Delights.

Seafood Laksa I was surprised to see how generous their laksa is. It is filled with noodles and everything else like tofu, crab sticks, prawns, shrimps, fish cake and bean sprouts. There are heaps of noodles and is a very filling dish. The laksa was very hot and was very nice. A is a shrimp based with a creamy coconut flavour and has a good amount of spice. I think this may be one of the better laksa I have had the in Wellington.


Roti Bread I always order a piece of roti when I have a laksa. Something needs to soak up the left side of vet soup. The roti bread was surprisingly quite sweet and moist. They do not make it themselves and I have a funny feeling they get it from Satay Kajang.

After some investigation, I have a funny feeling that Satay Delights have the same owners as Satay Kingdom and Oriental Kingdom Cafe, which is a smart business move for them.  However, I did stop going to Satay Kingdom over 5 years ago as one of my friends saw them pour a customer’s leftover curry back into their curry pot to reuse.  Although it has a nice laksa, I do not feel I will be back after my investigations.

Facebook Page; Satay Delights