Have two weeks off from work and now it is time to catch up with people especially during lunch.  The first person to catch up was Mads.  She decided we meet at Coene, which I thought was a great idea.  This place has great views, and free parking if you park just a bit further down the road.  Coene has a shared plate/tapas menu, we decided to order three dish to share.

Fried chickpeas, mint, coriander, chilli

I really like fried chickpeas, they are very moreish and nice to eat.  Here they are the same and the addition to red onion makes the dish slightly sweeter.  However,  did find it hard to taste the mint and chilli.


Mozzarella, tomato, pesto falt bread

I may of got the name of the dish incorrect.  However, it was very nice.  I did not expect this dish to be like a pizza but more of a focaccia like loaf with stuff on top.  The pesto with the cheese was very nice and worked well.


Buttermilk fried chicken, jalapeno & lime aioli

A nice taste to the chicken.  However, a feel that the chicken was sliced too finely and the chicken was not over-cooked but slightly too crisp.  Also the aioli really had no bite to it from the jalapeño nor the lime, which was a shame.


Flat White

As you can see a weaker flat white compared to other places.  Was not really my cup of coffee.  Not overly a fan of L’affare coffee, but had a headache from not having any coffee in the morning so order one.


This is not a bad place to eat.  A great place on a sunny day and to take visitors to the city.  The food is not bad, but could be improved upon.  I suppose it is more of a pub food place, where the food is good and you will come back.  Another good thing is the menu does change regularly so there is always something new if you come back.

Website; Coene’s Provisions