A friend and I decided to catch up over dinner and we decided to try the good old grand place of Green Parrot. Green Parrot is celebrating 90 years in Wellington next year and that is a real achievement.  I do not think there is an eatery anywhere else in Wellington that has been open for that long.  Green Parrot is known for its grilled meat and you could say more of it simpler menu compared to other places.


Was actually going to have the soup of the day.  However, as my friend ordered a full on entree I decided to do the same.  A very simple dish with deep fried calamari, but very nice, yes it lacked salt but I prefer to add my own salt than for it to be too salty.  The batter was very light and calamari was fresh, what else could you ask for.  Also I nice half lemon and good coleslaw on the side.



Felt like something besides steak.  I asked the waitress if she prefer the lambs fry with bacon or the lamb’s kidneys and bacon.  She nicely said neither as she does not eat that type of meat, which made me slightly giggle.  When the plate arrived I thought I was short changed.  However, towards the end I struggled to finish it.  The potato salad was alright, the green leaf salad was alright, and the chips needed salt.  The souvlaki was lamb and lightly marinated and was cooked just under well done, so had some moisture to it. Overall it was above alright.


Green Parrot is an institution and I hope it manages to stay around.  It reminds me of the Greek restaurants in Melbourne where you just get grilled meat and salad.  However, in Melbourne you get a variety of different meats and more like tasting plates.  I was shocked by the price of the bill, the entrees and desserts were priced well.  However, the mains I felt were a bit expensive for what you got.  One of the nice things is you get free bread and butter at the start, even though it is just tip top standard white bread.  Overall it is a traditional Kiwi place to eat if you are looking for the one meat three vege meal.

Website; Green Parrot