Wellington on a Plate adventure continues.  A week has passed and looking back at where I have been and what I have tried I hate to look and see how much $$ I have spent. My friend “Buttercup” felt like going for brunch and I thought lets go to Beach Babylon.  I knew they were participating in Wellington on a Plate.  However, it was not one of the places that I was dining to go and try.  We arrived there at 11am.  However, we had to wait till 11.30 till I could order the burger.

Oriental Bao Burger

Year of the Pig and Duck: Braised Longbush Pork belly with BBQ duck, Asian slaw, plum and hoisin sauce in a steamed bun, with sesame-salted Asian street fries and sriracha mayonnaise.

Even though it is not year of the Pig or the Duck after reading the blurb of the duck on the menu I was slightly excited to try it.  First impressions, the presentation of the burger looked terrible.  It look like it was made in a hurry and looked messy.  However, even though first impressions are important and do tell a lot they can be deceiving. The chips were nicely looked and actually the best french fries I have had for a very long time.  As they actually had potato in them and not over fried to a crisp.  Also the Sriracha mayonnaise was very nice and gave a good kick.  The steamed bun was very nice and was well made with a grilled top.  The Pork belly and BBQ duck was very nice and when you added the slaw and the two sauces of plum and hoisin it was surprisingly a very good burger.


“Buttercup” had the pancakes and also ordered their hand cut chips.  We were both surprised when the hand cut chips arrived as they looked like lazy hand cut chips and more like roast potatoes deep fried in oil.  The potatoes did not taste like chips and were not fluffy inside either. I think these potatoes have an identity crisis.

Overall the burger was very nice and would give it 10 out of 10.  The flavours worked very well and felt the burger had the x-factor.  The flavour combination was good and not your typical burger.