The Wellington on a Plate adventures continue.  Next stop was Milk Bar a pop-up restaurant serving food by Rockwell & Sons in Melbourne, desserts from Dough Momma Pies, and Wooden Spoons and beers from the Garage Project. One of my friends told me how good it was the previous night so I thought why not go.  They recommended that I arrive before 6 as it gets packed and packed it did.

Butterscotch Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream Pie

We started with the desserts first as there was a long line forming for food, I decided to also start it in my review.  This was my favourite of the desserts we tried.  The flavours were not overpowering and it was not overly sweet.  The pecans were more on the bottom as a base and overall worked very well.


Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Whoopee Pie

This was nice but not my favourite dessert I tried.  I have seen them at my local supermarket but never bought one as they look so big.  It had a nice chocolate flavour and worked.  However, I am not sure if I would try an ice cream whoopee pie again.


Rockwell’s Free Range Buttermilk Fried Chicken

I had had this last year when Rockwell & Son’s did an event last year at Wellington on a Plate and it is good to see they still do goddam good Fried Chicken.  The chicken was moist and had flavour and the skin was crisp with a good kick to it.  The one disappointing part though was the last piece I ate was pink and had some blood in it.  I should have said something but it seemed so busy that i could not be bothered.


Grilled Pimento Cheese (Hillbilly Caviar) Sandwich

This was a good grilled cheese sandwich with a lot of butter.  It had a crunch to it and the cheese was really nice.  A good Grilled Cheese.  It also came with some coleslaw and some pickled cucumber which was very freshing.IMG_5601

Seasoned French Fries 

The seasoned french fries were nice.  However, slightly too crisp for my liking.  The creole remoulade was very nice.  However, they did not give it to you separately they just put it on the fries and we did not end up eating those fries as the remoulade was too rich.


Two Tap Flat White

For me, I usually do not drink, but a friend told me I should try it as I am a fan of coffee.  I really enjoyed it and it tasted really nice.  It had a good flavour of coffee and was presented very well with the two parts naturally separated


Overall a good Pop-up.  The food was good and so was the beer.  The only thing that I did not like was that you felt rushed to eat your food as we were there for less than an hour.  So not really an opportunity to have a chat but just eat.