IMG_5828So went to Capital Market again last weekend as it is a great place to eat when you are by yourself and you want something cheap.  I looked around and saw that this is a new stall called Noodle Man  A rather interesting name, but I thought I would give it a try.  The stall sells noodles and dumplings in a Sichuan/Shanghai kind of still

Spicy Dumplings

So I decided to try the spicy dumplings, they come in two sizes regular and large and I decided to go for the large, which meant I got 12 dumplings.  I got asked how spicy I wanted it, I replied hot and she said are you sure as it is Asian hot.  I asked for the definition of hot, and she just said spicy hot, I asked if it was cantonese hot, Sichuan hot and she just replied hot, so I decided to go for medium hot. The dish arrived and for medium hot it was above what I would call medium hot, it would be interesting to see what their definition of hot actually is.  The Soup was beef based and had a nice taste to it with the chilli spice.  Also in the soup there were some bok-choy leaves.  The dumplings were nice with a nice thickness to the skins.  I was not smart and did manage to burn my mouth as the dumplings were temperature hot and with the chilli oil it was a bit stupid of me.’


This place keeps changing every two to three weeks.  It is interesting to see what food stalls are opening here.  Some are good, some are bad and hopefully i do not manage to try a bad one.  It is interesting to see Capital Market in the paper a few weeks ago and hopefully the tenants and the owners manage to sort things out as Wellington needs a place like this.